California Statute of Limitation

Injury to Person
false imprisonment: 1 yr. Civ. Proc. §340(c)

1 yr. Civ. Proc. §340(c)

3 yrs. Civ. Proc. §338(d)

Injury to Personal Property
3 yrs. Civ. Proc. §338(b), (c)

Professional Malpractice
Legal: 1 yr. from discovery, max. of 4 yrs. from the wrong Civ. Proc. §340.6; Medical: 1 yr.
from discovery, 3 yrs. if injury known Civ. Proc. §340.5; Vet.: 1 yr. for injury or death of
animal Civ. Prop. §340(c)

3 yrs. Civ. Proc. §338(b)

Collection of Rents
4 yrs. Civ. Proc. §337.2

Written: 4 yrs. §337; Oral: 2 yrs. Civ. Proc. §339

Collection of Debt on Account
4 yrs. (book and stated accounts) Civ. Proc. §337

10 yrs. Civ. Proc. §337.5

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